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Monthly Archives: January 2017

The Pruning Process of Love

Love nurtures with tenderness and gentleness; however, love also expresses itself in firmness and strength.

Dried leaves fall off of trees and plants when they no longer serve their purpose on them. A gardener prunes a tree, removing dead branches and leaves, in order for it to bear more fruit.

For you to fulfill your life purpose, the pruning process of love is essential. Holding on to things that are hindering you from or that are not taking you in the direction of fulfilling your ultimate purpose, robs you of the joy of life and the joy of purpose. Some of these things may include old childhood beliefs, traditions, or even societal and environmental programming.

You are free to make choices in your life and therefore those choices you make should reflect who you choose to be, allowing other things in your life that do not serve your ultimate purpose to fall off or be removed. For example, if you choose to become a coach for others, your actions should revolve around those activities that bring you closer to your goal and not be involved in activities that draw you away from your target. This also applies for changing your behaviour. If you choose to be a more loving person, then think about others in a more loving way and express that love, whether through an uplifting word, a genuine smile or a kind act.

Keep this in mind, that which you have pruned, even though it is not currently active in your life, may be used for future reference in carrying out your purpose, as in past personal experiences which you can draw upon the positive highlights to help you or help another person.

Sometimes the decision to removing the non-beneficial aspect of your life may seem difficult, but being aware that this is part of your growth process makes the transition worthwhile.

Yield to the pruning process today, and as nature shows us, experience the fullness of your fruitfulness, thereafter.

Respect In Relationship

1. Be the person you are

Being real gives an indication to your partner that you are sincere with your words and actions. Never give your partner any reason to doubt your genuineness so always learn to be real. As such, it allows for the respect to arise.

2. Respect begets respect

Learn to gain respect within yourself and you can then respect others. The ability to respect yourself should be coming from what is inside of you. You cannot expect your partner to respect you when you are not worthy to be respected as a person. Think of your acts.

3. Be proactive in the relationship; take your part

It is always two to tango, and so working together towards the betterment of the relationship is far better than only ONE is doing everything to keep it. Two parties have to be involved on either saving or reaching out the damaged relationship. Always show to your partner that you have always been there through the good and bad times. Respect will be out of the picture when you are always passive.

4. Be attractive

This doesn’t mean that you will be wearing fascinating clothes and heavy make-up. Make him/her feel that you have never changed, that you are still the person he/she loved and cared for. So, when you were sweet, witty and respectful as ever, make him feel that you are still the same.

5. Learn to be self-determining and be TRUE

To be independent means you have the capacity to deal with things on your own. Most partners respect those who can stand with their decisions

Honesty is also an important tool to earn someone’s respect. It is with honesty that you are able to share all your views, opinions, feelings and sentiments to your partner which in turn giving him the respect you have always been desiring.

6. Do what makes you happy

Relationship doesn’t mean that you have to be overly dependent and clingy to your partner all the time, as when you does, you will not have his respect. Make time for yourself, to enjoy the life in you and to always try to be the best for yourself and to your partner.

7. Listen

One important for an effective communication is listening as it helps you gather significant thoughts and feelings from your parter and vice versa. It is not all the time that you talk over an argument, it is also best to listen to your partner, his or her views and opinions so that the process of communication is followed and at the same time your partner appreciates you for respecting him or her through listening.

Love Heals The BrokenHearted

There’re hurting people all over the world who need our love and care. We meet them everyday in our different spheres of contact: bus stops, shopping malls, classrooms, workplaces, on the streets etc. These are victims of a harsh and cruel society; full of shattered dreams and unfulfilled hopes.

Many of them hide behind the shadows of cosmetic smiles, while others clearly betray the weight of their burdens. What they need to experience is the love of God; they need to be enveloped in that love that reaches beyond their faults, pains and mistakes.

Make a difference today in the lives of those hurting around you by showing them the Father’s love. Never be insensitive to the plights of others. Don’t be judgmental towards people, even when it’s obvious they’ve made blunders. Many of them are already broken inside and don’t need anyone to remind them of their wrongs!

Love heals. Thus when you meet hurting people, show them unconditional love; make up your mind they’ll leave happy, strengthened and encouraged. Love them with the love they can’t deny. What they need is a kind word from you; a word that’ll bring hope and encouragement; a word that’ll heal their broken hearts. For others, what they need might be just a kind smile, a gentle, compassionate touch that will communicate God’s love and acceptance. God brought them your way so you can show them a new future that is lighted with hope.

Remember that the love of God can heal the most broken of hearts! God’s love is the greatest power in the universe and it can rescue anyone from the deepest depths of depression, sorrow and pain. Therefore, speak words that will heal, build and encourage! God is counting on you to bring hope to someone in your world today.

Tips Love and Romance for Teens

Love Tips: Thinking of a romantic date

If you are looking for a romantic date ideas, the answer lies in you. Think of something you love and things that you can enjoy your date. Get rid of stereotypes and the moonlight romantic candlelight dinner date to go think about the original, or at least to the original twist to the traditional romantic date for example, planning a candle light dinner at home. A family style meal with a romantic movie in your home theater’s great, you are a wine, eat some popcorn can be a fun and romantic history of the concept.

In addition, you can enjoy leisure activities and adventure sports in the process with the other’s consent. Beautiful natural parks, but also can be collected in white water is a great way to experience nature and romance in your dating. In addition, you can also go to the events of interest to everyone, do you – whether in concert or basketball game. Indulge in activities consistent with their own interests, but do not hesitate to experiment and explore other romantic ideas.

Romantic Tips: How to end the fighting romance

Imagine fighting with your partner about something. As you exchange hot words, and called names and your partner suddenly embrace. Yes, the best way to end the fighting is to give each other a warm embrace. If this is not possible, try to think of a way, really nice to say I’m sorry. Besides flowers, or even a small gift. Humor also happens to be an option to end the fighting bet your partner laugh. Try this: When you fight, when suddenly stopped talking, everything began to talk about your partner to repeat it / he said, the tone is very interesting. Your partner can be disguised as anger in this period of time, but soon you will laugh at you two heads, you will forget the fighting.

I would not say love is not the first butterflies in the stomach and the expected first kiss, as it is about the romantic … a wonderful start, sparks and fireworks, but also for peace back, but also through the debate on the remaining and struggle … this is to be able to play his hand, and held and arguments, bound forever more romantic … … This is a common desire by two people to be together, grow together … romance on the discovery and explore the world together, but more important is to understand and appreciate each other … forever!