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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Maintain A Long Lasting Relationship

However, you always have a choice to make your relationship work and live a happy life.

Do not set expectations

One common cause of break up is setting up expectations. When your partner fails to meet your high expectations then you now know where your relationship is heading. Never expect too much from your partner as you might only get disappointed in the end.

Open Communication

Communication plays a very important role in the success of your relationship. If you do not tell your partner how you feel, then things might get out of hand. Couples should always communicate to avoid misunderstandings and fight. Both parties should clearly convey what is in their hearts as your partners are not psychics.


Everyone needs to be alone sometimes, so give your partner some space. Let them do things without you and do it for yourself as well. Remember that you are not the only people in this world. So every once in a while, go out separately and spend some time apart.


Learn to trust your partners. No relationship will work if there is no trust. Lack of trust is the usual cause of fights. It is true that there can be times when you might have doubts with your partner. If this happens then ask your partner right away but ask it in a nice way. Do not sound too confrontational as it will only lead to a fight. Trust costs nothing but in terms of a relationship …means everything.

It always takes two to create a harmonious relationship. You and your partner should always help each other out. It will never work if only one is making an effort to make a relationship last. Remember that no matter how much you love each other if no one is making an effort, then your relationship is doomed. Maintaining a relationship is not all about love, you also need to work hard for it.

Tips for a Stronger Relationship Bond

  1. Find time to talk to each other every day. Constant communication with your partner builds strong bond together. Knowing about your partner’s thoughts and feelings will make you understand each other more.
  2. Be honest. Sharing your honest opinion on certain issues in your relationship will keep the communication line between you and your partner. Honesty is a solid foundation of any relationship.
  3. Appreciate your partner every day. Appreciating even little things that your partner does only shows that you value him and your relationship with him. Saying “You’ve done a good job”, “I really appreciate your effort in fetching me from work” will boost his morale and lift his spirits.
  4. Be good listener. Empathize with your partner if he has a problem at work, which is the common source of stress. Listening to him while he is telling his problem, without interruption and criticizing will make him feel your love and support.
  5. Respect your partner. There might be times when you don’t agree with his views and opinion, but respecting them will avoid conflicts in your relationship.
  6. Learn to be tolerant. There may be times when your partner’s quirks and idiosyncrasies will irritate you but being tolerant to them will only prove your love to your partner since those are all part of the reason why you love him.
  7. Be supportive to your partner. One of the most solid foundations of a lasting relationship is the ability to give each support most especially when it comes to emotional problems.

Importance of Trust In a Relationship

A lot of relationships end up because of trust- lack of trust or a destroyed one. This important element in a relationship can easily be destroyed like cheating or lying to your partner. When trust is violated, breakup is inevitable even for long term relationships. Nobody wants a partner that is lying and cheating all the time. Nobody wants a partner that you cannot trust. Everybody is looking for that someone that they feel very comfortable with. Trust is undoubtedly necessary. It is easy to build your trust to someone but it is much harder to rebuild it if it has been destroyed. If you want to make your relationship work, consider the following things which can strengthen your relationship with your partner.

Be Truthful

The idea of trust relies on the truthfulness of things involved in your relationship. Always be truthful to build a credible and right impression. Act, say or feel on what is true to both of you. Being truthful is one of the key to make stay with you forever.

Correct Your Mistakes

Everybody commits mistakes. It is natural for people to do wrong. However, intentionally making mistakes for your own good can damage the trust people have for you. Correct your mistakes if avoiding it is inevitable.

Be Responsible

All your acts bring up consequences, whether favorable or not. The idea of being responsible to your behavior can help you gain trust. Responsibility not only applies to the acts you have done but also to the consequences it brought in your relationship.

Way to Love The Other in Life

We can often hear that”I love you”.The three words can be said easily ,But who really know what is called love. Love is a kind of feeling. When you him or her, you just listen to your heart and then you know the feeling.It is like a chocolate, a bird. It’s not easy to use the language to describe it . Love is a kind of responsibility. After you choose someone to walk with you,you have the responsibility to protect him or her.Even if you meet a person who is better than him or her,you can not just left him or her,because of the responsibility. Love is sacred . The love lets you find the one who accompanys you to go ahead toward the end of your life.

The love combines the two who don’t have any connections at first.The two not only found a family together but also feed a child who only belongs to them. Love is a strange thing.But do you know how to love the one you loves? It is complex and easy. In a word ,you should try your best to love the ones you love,and you will find that love the other is loving yourself.If you’re a boy,you’d better tolerate your lover as much as possible.Even if she often complains to you because that you two must learn to hold the way the other accustomed. Only when you two can tolerate each other including the bad habits can you live happily together. Dear friends,when you choose someone,please be responsible to them. As a girl,don’t complain to them when you meet trouble every time,because they are not super man. You should learn to solve every problem by yourself instead of turn to anyone else. If he loves you ,he will do everything he can for you even you don’t asking. And you should think over at his sight.

Don’t always think for you only and learn to help him using your thin hand . You must learn to grow up first. Excellent men usually love those women who are good-temper. They are not stupid to find a bad-temper girl. As a boy,you should learn to protect your girlfriend just like her brother. When she should give her a firm hug. When she is lonely,you should accompany her using your heart. Girls are always not that strong like a man ,you should learn to walk in her heart ,knowing who she is really want,and give that with your best try. Dear friend,if you have the one always accompany you ,you’d better love the one using your heart.