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Way to Observe Real Love Through Body Language


If you’re paying attention to someone, you focus and pay notice. If you’re not attracted in someone, your interest wanders. So if you’re sitting with the person you like, and he/she is looking at you when you’re discussing, that’s a enormous sign.

Dilated eyes

As they say “The eyes are the window to the spirit.” therefore while you are chatting to the person you like, your eye pupils dilate (get bigger) when you’re eager. So if someone’s eyes look actually big, it shows they’re attracted. Thus keep your eyes on him/her and monitor the eyes.

Lip and Mouth Activities

A girl may bite her lip softly, or run her tongue along her lip to demonstrate that she is attracted. Some girls even do this intentionally to flirt, even though it seldom looks normal. If you’re a girl, don’t try it, except you’re actually certain it looks normal.


Fiddling and playing with hair is one approach to confirm that you are attracted. Girls wrap their fingers in their hair. Guys run their hands all the way through their hair. Note that twirling your hair is more a sign of dullness and diversion.

Arms and Hands

If the girl keeps her arms or hands closed or crossed then that is an obvious sign that she’s not feeling relaxed. Arms that are out and away from her are less distrustful. Also, if the lady leaves her wrist-up, it’s kind of an “I trust you” action.


Women usually like to sit cross-legged and note that it doesn’t imply that she isn’t attracted. So disregard that and focus on the toes because, toes lean to respond to common body energy. So if someone’s feeling fed up and lethargic, they may just lay there. But if someone is feeling eager and vigorous, the toe may make little circles or leap.

The Voice

The way somebody talks and especially the tone of the voice is immensely important. It will immediately tell you whether: Are they fed up and exhausted? Are they considerate and calm? Are they inspired and attracted? To find out whether the person is attracted in you first watch your own speech and then watch how their speech changes. If someone wishes to ‘get along’ with someone else, they physically match their communication patterns together.