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Ways to Tell if Boyfriend is Planning to Dump You

Here are a few ways to tell if your man is about to leave you:

You Aren’t Spending Time Together Anymore
This is a milder warning, but it does caution you that he may not be as serious about you anymore. The real way to tell is not only if he doesn’t have time for you anymore, but also if he’s enjoying his time away like he doesn’t even miss you, especially if this time spent is with his friends. Men won’t forfeit their friends for you, but they don’t spend as much time with them after you two are officially together. When he starts going back to his friends more often, it’s like he’s reverting back to normal. This could signal that he’s getting his old life back.

The Sex Appeal Has Dwindled
If you notice that he isn’t in the mood as often, or if he doesn’t seem to enjoy having sex with you as much, that is a definite sign that he has lost interest in you. It could be that something else is wrong if he isn’t interested in sex at all, but if he begins, or continues, to watch pornographic films, or is made aroused by other means, it’s because he isn’t interested in you anymore.

He Stops Telling You Things
This is when he’ll meet new people, take up new hobbies, or develop new interests without telling you about them. As a couple, those are things you would normally know about one another. If you’re missing out on the new developments in his life, it’s because he sees no reason for you to know. He’d be excited to tell his friends and family, but you’re not as trustworthy or important to him.

You Don’t Talk About a Future Together Anymore
If you used to share ideas and plans for the future, but have since stopped for no apparent reason, it could very well be because his future plans have changed to not have you in them. Try asking him about what he wants to do in his future and see what he says.

He is Moody and Short-Tempered
This means he no longer feels the need to impress you or anyone you know. He picks fights with you, your family, and your friends just to make sure that there aren’t any attachments to any of them after he breaks up with you.
If you want to know if your man wants to leave you, sit him down and talk to him about everything, face to face like adults. Ask him what he wants out of life, and if he doesn’t say, “you,” it’s time to move on.